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Raspberry Marshmallow Dessert

This Raspberry Marshmallow Dessert is a bright, delicious dessert great for any holiday table. 

Crust1 cup oatmeal ( I used gluten-free oatmeal) ground in a food processor until fine⅓ cup brown sugar (I used coconut sugar)4 Tbsp melted butter¼ cup unprocessed oatmealFilling½ cup agave nectar2 cups heavy cream¼ cup arrowroot powderpinch salt2 tsp vanilla1½ cups whole, fresh raspberriesGlaze⅓ cup cornstarch2 cups fresh raspberries½ cup sugar (I used coconut sugar)1 cup waterInstructions:

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
-Mix crust ingredients and press into the bottom of a 9x13 pan.
-Bake for 10 minutes.
-Cool completely.
-Meanwhile, in a saucepan, combine heavy cream, arrowroot, agave and salt.
-Stir and cook until it gets thick (not stiff, though)
-Add vanilla and fold in raspberries.
-Spread filling over the crust.
-Place in refrigerator.
-In another saucepan, combine glaze ingredients.
-Cook over medium heat, stirring until it boils and thickens.
-Cool at least 15-20 minutes.
-Spread ov…

Sauteed Apples (on Apple Bread Pudding)

I am totally in love with apples and bread pudding.  That’s why I made a caramel apple bread pudding for my first Improv Challenge.  This new version takes it to a new level because the bread itself had apples baked into it and then I topped it with cinnamon covered sauteed apples.  I had to eat a bowl of the apples by themselves while the rest of the gang devoured the pudding.  I didn’t feel deprived at all.  The apples were delicious! I am only giving you the sauteed apple recipe here, because I used the same basic recipe for this apple bread pudding as in the caramel apple bread pudding.

Author: Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker
5 cooking apples, peeled, cored and thickly sliced½ cup butter⅓ cup agave nectar2 tsp cinnamon¼ tsp salt Instructions:
Heat butter in a skillet until melted. Add the apples and cook until soft and slightly translucent. Add the agave, cinnamon and salt.
Continue cooking a few minutes more so that the butter and agave thicken a bit.

Stir frequently to …

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